At Ideas2Executables, we love the variety of projects that our clients bring to us and we’d like to share a little bit about the custom work that we’ve done.  However, we take our clients’ privacy very seriously, so while you’ll be able to get an idea of the kind of work we’ve done from the below examples, specific references will be provided upon request.

videoVideo Projects

Ideas2Executables has built several applications leveraging the use of web-based video.  We’ve done video learning sites that involve interactive experiences with a large video library.  We’ve also developed video conferencing technology that leveraged both Adobe Media Server as well as HTML 5-based Web-RTC.  We have also integrated video post-processing into our applications using tools such as ffmpeg and Handbreak.  Our video applications have are interacted with through a traditional web browser as well as mobile devices and secure kiosks.

socialSocial Networking

We have built a variety of social networking applications that were inspired by well known social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.  Whether it’s connecting entrepreneurs, teams within organizations or families, we have the skills to build software that leverages and encourages these connections.


appMobile Apps

Our app development experiences range from simple content based apps to high security medical imaging as well as interactive video.  We develop for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry.  Because of the advantages offered by the write-once, run anywhere, PhoneGap platform, we have leveraged that software for a number of clients to offer customizable, cost effective solutions.  We also have experience with Adobe Air based applications, which is especially useful for building on top of existing ActionScript components.

mappingMapping Software

Ideas2Executables has made extensive use of the Google Maps API, including interactive custom mapping applications as well as implementing custom map tiles.  We’ve built software that manages very large POI databases and used sophisticated geographic based searching and filtering.


publicationOnline Publishing

We provided customized publishing solutions for a variety of online publishers, enhancing their platforms, whether they were based in WordPress, Joomla or homegrown.  We’ve implemented enhanced caching solutions and made countless WordPress plug-in and theme modifications.


apiAPI Integration

API Integration is a cornerstone of many Ideas2Executables projects.  It is what allows a small entrepreneur to gain access to vast amounts of functionality, usually at a reduced cost.  Some examples include Google Maps, You-Tube, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Bing Search, OpenTok and many more.  Ideas2Executables is quite adept at reading and understanding the specifications and interacting with the platform, whether it is through SOAP, JSON or a proprietary framework.  We’re comfortable leveraging existing API wrappers or writing our own.


We’ve worked with organizations selling everything from children’s bedding to the licensing of theater productions.  Some of the cart solutions we’ve worked with include X-Cart, Miva Merchant, E-junkie, Magento, not to mention PayPal integration.  We’ve also implemented custom shopping cart solutions when needed that leverage Authorize.net and CyberSource.


This is just a sample of our previous work.  We look forward to starting on your idea today!  Contact us to get started.


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