Ideas2Executables is the answer for a wide range of software development needs. Below are sample fictional projects. Any resemblance to actual ideas is coincidental.


Dan has the next big idea for an iPhone app. He’s a marketing whiz and knows that he could make millions. One problem. He doesn’t know how to program, so the idea is stuck in his head. We can help Dan work out the technical feasibility of his idea, and build a version for him to take to market.


Rebecca runs a small accounting firm. She has devised a system that would streamline what is now a cumbersome, paper-intensive task. One problem. Rebecca doesn’t know how to program, so the idea is stuck in her head. That’s where Ideas2Executables can come in to turn Rebecca’s idea into a time-saving solution.


Carin is writing a large software system for a biotech company. She is an excellent programmer, but there’s one problem. There are only 24 hours in a day. Ideas2Executables can work with Carin to identify specific modules of software that need to be written. We write and deliver these modules, Carin integrates them into her system and her product gets delivered on-time.

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