API & SSO Development & Integration

Our team at Ideas2Executables works with clients to develop and integrate Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Single sign-on (SSO) authentication into new and existing software platforms.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are a superpower for small businesses and entrepreneurs. They allow people to accomplish huge amounts of functionality at a fraction of the cost and time of building the technology from scratch. With APIs, you can seamlessly integrate a wide variety of functionality into your applications.

Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication technology that allows users to easily, yet securely, access multiple applications with just one set of credentials. We can build and integrate SSO authentication technology into your platform, which can help improve security, reduce IT costs, and enhance user experience.

Ideas2Executables speaks the language of APIs and SSOs and has extensive experience leveraging existing API implementations or building custom implementations from scratch.

How We Leverage and Build API and SSO Technologies

First, we work to understand what APIs or SSO features and functionality you wish to integrate into your software. Our team works with a wide variety of industries to address and leverage their API or SSO integration needs. You don’t need software expertise to get started—just bring your industry knowledge to the table, along with a wish list of features and functionality, and we do the rest.

We then will take time to review your software platform, and develop a strategy for integrating these functions as per your requirements. Once we complete the development and launch the API or SSO functionality, we continue to provide support for the new functions we’ve added. Going forward we can offer ongoing support to ensure your applications stay up to date and are upgraded with new features as your business requirements evolve.

Examples of Our API & SSO Development Projects

1. Project: Local Community’s Google Mapping Needs

  • Requirements: Local Community’s HOA wanted to display an enhanced Google Map on their website, including custom points of interest as well a custom map layer.
  • Result: Leveraged the Google Maps API to seamlessly integrate the HOA’s data into an interactive map.

2. Project: Enhanced check-out by integrating Authorize.net’s AcceptJS

  • Requirements: The customer had a website that was utilizing a traditional Authorize.Net check-out procedure which required extensive PCI compliance.
  • Result: Revamped the check-out procedure so that it utilized Authorize.Net’s modern AcceptJS API, providing for a more streamlined checkout and the lowest level of PCI-Compliance Burden (SAQ A-EP)

3. Project: Integrated ClassLink’s SSO to streamline login

  • Requirements: Customer offering an educational based platform wanted to reduce the friction of bringing on new educational institutions
  • Result: Integrated the customer’s site with ClassLink which allowed students and teachers direct and secure access to the site via SSO and rostering was accomplished through the One Roster server.

4. Project: Developed a custom API to support drop-shipping printing materials

  • Requirements: The customer had an existing platform that integrated with a 3rd party company to print and ship physical books. They needed to integrate with a new printing and shipping partner.
  • Result: Worked with the printing and shipping partner to understand their custom API and updated the customer’s internal systems to work with this new API.

Frequently Asked Questions About API & SSO Development

Yes. 3rd party APIs are one of the secret weapons that help super-charge an entrepreneur’s idea. Instead of having to develop all functionality from scratch, you can use 3rd party APIs as a foundation to build on. For a specific example, check out our case study: Navigating A Custom App’s Back-End Cost vs. Functionality.