Software maintenance is an essential part of our development process. We break the maintenance phase down into three parts: bug fixes, small enhancements and large enhancements. We fix bugs that arise from a fixed price project for no fee, regardless of when you find them. If you discover a bug in our software two years from its release, we’re glad to fix it free of charge.

Enhancements correspond to improvements that are not covered under the original project. We split those into two groups: small and large. For small enhancements, we identify an hourly rate at the launch of a project and any changes you want made to the system can be completed at that rate. Having a predetermined hourly rate allows us to react quickly, making small improvements in an optimal amount of time.

Finally, nearly all software requires regular, significant improvements to stay viable. We handle these larger improvements as their own phase of project development. This typically involves coming up with a new fixed price development plan and then executing this plan.

Some firms charge a retainer or monthly fee for maintenance. We never do this. There will be no charge by Ideas2Executables until you request changes to the software.