Custom software equips you with a system that meets the precise set of features and requirements you desire. This precision however, comes at a cost: compared to licensing off the shelf software, custom software is typically significantly more expensive in terms of time and cost. You will be the ultimate judge of whether this trade-off is worthwhile for you.

We often recommend that users make-do with commercially available software for some period of time before developing a custom solution. Existing software typically covers only part of your needs and requires that you compromise in terms of features and functionality. This can be frustrating. However, using an 80% solution for a period of time has significant benefit: you can confirm that the need for a more costly custom solution is justified and you can understand what features will be essential in your custom build.

Yes, we are generally glad to sign an NDA before you tell us any information about your idea. One exception to this is when an NDA contains a non-compete clause. We are unable to sign an NDA in this case. Frequently, we strike non-compete provisions and are able to agree to the rest of the document without concern.

Yes. You absolutely own the software that you have paid us to develop. You may do anything you wish with this software, from giving it away for free, to selling it to another party. We retain no rights to it. If a future customer approached us with a similar idea, we would recommend they contact you to purchase rights to use your software.

When we develop software, we look at the final product as an important asset that we strive to make as valuable and robust as possible.

While we are always glad to offer advice on marketing and SEO, we recognize that like other aspects of running a successful software business, we are not experts in these areas. Therefore, we don’t offer any paid services on these topics. We love to code, so that’s our exclusive focus.

No. Small projects are often a great way to get started. They are a low risk way to ensure that your organization and Ideas2Executables can smoothly work together to accomplish the task at hand. We often fix small bugs or may write a small plug-in as an introductory project.

Yes.  We split projects into manageable phases through a process known as iterative development.  You, in the role of project owner, have the ultimate say of what features go into a phase. Though this doesn’t happen often, it is possible that you may request a number of features that make the project size larger than we’re comfortable working with.

As you can imagine, project cost varies widely depending on the software that needs to be built. As a general guide, we split the implementation of an idea into separate projects through a process known as Iterative Development. Each development phase is typically between $10,000 and $20,000 USD.

When we work on existing code, work is done at an hourly rate, which we can cap to avoid a surprisingly large bill.

Our services have a fee, so we can’t build software for you for no charge. However, we frequently talk with individuals at the start of their idea journey before they have the funding figured out. We can recommend zero-dollar steps you can take to start building out your idea. Send us a contact-us message and we’ll be glad to setup a time to chat with you.

No. One of the key reasons for this decision is that we find it essential to have a clear owner of the project: you. While we always provide recommendations for how a project could proceed, you have the final say. Structuring the ownership of the idea around this methodology helps draw clear lines for us to follow.

We do agree that bringing in other stakeholders to fund a project can be an excellent way to build out an important team that will provide both financial and strategic support.

We split an idea into projects through a process known as Iterative Development. A project typically takes anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months depending on the work needing to be completed.