Specialization in PHP, WordPress & Ionic Platforms

Ideas2Executables has over 20 years of extensive experience in PHP, a general-purpose programming language. We can build new apps and debug existing apps created with PHP software as needed.

Although PHP has a long history, it’s continuing to evolve by adding modern programming conventions. Unlike many older programming languages, it remains an industry go-to. By working with our team to use PHP for your software, we ensure the asset you’re building lives beyond a single programmer, and can evolve into new iterations.

Our extensive PHP programming experience means we can tackle unique WordPress needs that others may not be able to, including the development of custom themes and plug-ins to address challenging projects. If you have an existing WordPress site, or are looking to build a project with WordPress, we can review your requirements and make recommendations with respect to feasibility, timeline and budget.

Ideas2Executables also develops mobile apps using the Ionic platform and publishes them to both Google Play and the Apple App Store. Ionic allows you to build your app for both iOS and Android simultaneously without having to choose between one platform or the other. This tends to be a smart investment, saving both time and money. Ionic is often a strong fit for our clients’ development projects as it is built for optimal performance on the latest mobile devices.

How We Build and Execute Your Software

Utilizing the above technologies, we can build a new website or mobile app based on your specific requirements. We can also work on existing software you may have that was built using these tools, fixing issues or developing new functionality.

Our team works closely with clients to manage the entire process so you don’t need to know the details of how the software is coded. We handle development, deployment, and maintenance of the software we build.

Should there be any bugs or issues with the software, we stand behind our work and fix them, offering ongoing support—no questions asked. And when you are looking to take your project to version 2.0, we’ll be there to help.

Examples of Our PHP, WordPress & Ionic Development Projects

1. Project: Custom App for Emotion Health

  • Requirements: Customer interested in building out a social media platform to improve emotional health wanted an App. We built him a custom Ionic app to meet his needs, including supporting push messaging.

2. Project: Enhancing existing WordPress plugin to maximize performance

  • Requirements: The customer was interested in taking the WordPress plugin he developed to the next level, and hired us to implement enhanced database integration.

3. Project: Integrate WordPress and Twilio in a custom plugin

  • Requirements: The customer wanted to add Twilio SMS integration with his WordPress site, and we built a custom plugin to support this.

4. Project: Custom PHP app to allow customers to self publish their own PR

  • Requirements: The customer wanted to offer businesses a way to publish their own PR and we developed a custom PHP web application to accomplish this.

Frequently Asked Questions About PHP, WordPress & Ionic Development

Yes. We have extensive experience developing custom plugins, addons, post types and taxonomies for WordPress. Whether it’s a hard squash bug or a crazy idea for a plugin, we love working on challenging WordPress problems. The thornier, the better!

Yes, we can assist with debugging and enhancing Drupal sites.

Yes, we can assist with debugging and enhancing Joomla sites.