Case Studies

We’re proud of the wide variety of projects we work on, and when possible, love to share the details behind them. Here are some detailed case studies that highlight how we solved some of our favorite challenges.

Navigating A Custom App’s Back-End Cost vs. Functionality

Project Type Developing a new app The Challenge An Ideas2Executables customer was building a unique social media platform and faced a challenge when planning the back-end tools needed to power it. On one hand, these tools would be used by only a handful of administrators, so it seemed excessive to pour time and money into […]

eCommerce Site Debugging When Vendors Deny Responsibility

A customer with an eCommerce site approached us with a frustrating situation: their shoppers were occasionally having issues during the checkout process. When this issue was reported to the hosting provider, shopping cart vendor and shopping cart plugin authors, all declared that the issue wasn’t due to their software and they were unable to provide further assistance. Ideas2Executables worked with the customer to cut through this blame game and diagnose and fix the underlying issue.

Lowering the Bar for School Districts to use a Custom App

An Ideas2Executables customer with an existing educational friendly web application found himself with a significant uptick in demand during the Covid-19 pandemic. Teachers were eager to provide their students with novel learning tools, and our client had a unique educational online offering. Our client was looking for a cost effective solution that would quickly address these concerns.

Two Strategies for Maximizing App User Experience

An Ideas2Executables customer who was in the early phases of designing her app expressed a common concern: how can she be sure that she’ll be designing the optimal user experience? The concern is that with so many apps striving to capture users’ attention, a less than perfect app will not thrive.