The Technical Guy

Ben Simon is a software developer with more than nineteen years of software development experience. Ben has worked for a Fortune 500 company, several startups and has also done private consulting work. For the last ten years, he has been the programmer behind Ideas2Executables. He has experience in a variety of programming languages and methodologies ranging from PHP and Javascript to Scheme and Unix scripting. Ben loves working with customers to deliver a solution that exceeds their expectations. Ben graduated with honors with a B.S. in Computer Science from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

The Business Girl

Shira Simon has a variety of business management experience. She spent over two years as an Office Manager for a forensic psychiatrist. She also has over twelve years of experience with contracting and project management of multi-million dollar programs. Shira graduated with honors with B.A.s in Biology and Sociology from the University of Pennsylvania and with a Masters in Forensic Science from The George Washington University.